May 2009


I’m just a simple girl who wants to be wanted

Just like everybody’s dream to be accepted

And giving my best to reach what they expected

That’s not from somebody else but from instead.


I wish that you would not judge me by what you see

Cause there’s always a better side,inside of me

I know I’m not pretty as you wanted me to be

That’s why know me first before you say something ’bout me.


Criticism is always a thing that I’m facing

‘Cause I can’t control,others are thinking

‘Bout me,my looks and some of the things I’m doing

And that’s why in their naked eyes I’m always failing.


This is the real me,that’s what everyone must see

Even how much I try ,you’re there to criticize me

Thanks a lot ’cause you make me a better person inside

And I promise to show my best everytime.

– katherine jane gabileo



Life seems mysterious for a fourteen year old

Because they are always treated like gold

By their parents ,friends who helps them to be mold

Be molded like a lady and act like matured.


Even if we are always treated that way

we must live happy and follow them ev’ry day

Cause they don’t intend us to be hurt ,but to be happy anyway

Thanks for the things you’ve,cause i know i can use it someday.


Thanks a lot for treating me vulnerable

And even if sometimes I am not able

my parents,friends and God are there to make me stable

Sometimes I have pride,but you told me how to be humble.


Sometimes in my life I’m a good girl gone bad

But my parents are always there to understand

that’s why I’m making my life always a stand

In order for my dear parents not to be mad.

-katherine jane gabileo

Sarah is my visayan co-blogger.she’s from Leyte.

I love my first ever blogging experience.It happened when i join the first ever camp blog at Pampanga.It’s a great experience for a first timer like me because it’s the first time for me to learn how to use and also do blogging.I have lots of fun while doing this kind of journal,that’s why I don’t regret joining this camp blog.